Motorized or manual roller shutters?


Many people equip their windows and doors with motorized or manual roller shutters to enhance the safety of a home and to enhance an outdoor layout. Both types of shutters are very popular when renovating or building a house. Each of them has its own specificities, which is what we will discuss in this article.


The advantages of a manual roller shutter

There are three types of manual roller shutters: manual pull, strap and crank.


The manual roller shutter continues to appeal to both the public and professionals, even when motorization is introduced. On the one hand, this model costs less compared to its ally electric roller shutter. On the other hand, it saves you money since there is no risk of increasing your electricity bill. In addition, the manual wireless remote control roller shutter is easy to install. Its installation does not require a professional intervention as one often meets for the installation of the electric model.

switch system

What about a motorized roller shutter?

When we talk about a motorized roller shutter, it immediately comes to mind the ease in opening and closing your window and door shutters. This equipment is more convenient because you can control it remotely without a lot of physical effort. Simply press the button on your remote control electrical switch long range and your shutters simply open or close. This model thus ensures you an impeccable comfort of use, but it also allows you to save time.


In addition, the automated roller shutter can enhance the security of your home. Indeed, some of this model incorporate a detection function that can detect any intrusion attempt that could threaten your security. Moreover, there are roller shutter automatisms on the market that can adapt to all types of shutters. On the design side, the electric roller shutter adds a contemporary touch to your opening system thanks to its automation.


You now have all the cards in your hand to make your choice. However, you should know that two types of systems are available for the motorization of your shutters: wired and wireless.